WP5 – Creating Impact

Creating impact

The aim of Work Package 5 is to ensure that the result of this project will be public for stakeholders in industry and society. By using the results from WP1-WP4 the following activities will be part of WP5:

  • a stakeholder committee representing European industries/institutes and other organisations with an interest in the area to serve as a speaking partner to the participants in the project.
  • Articles published in both peer-review and non peer-review journals about the work and results in the project.
  • An international workshop presenting the results will be held in 2018.
  • National workshops in some countries will be organized by the local participants focusing on areas of special interests.
  • Calibration recommendations, guidelines and standards to be made public.

Upcoming activities:


Previous activities:

WP5 – Stakeholder meeting TUBITAK 2017-01-20


Contact person: Fredrik Arrhén (fredrik.arrhen@sp.se)