WP4 – Alternative pressure standards

WP4: Alternative pressure standards

The aim of this work package is to develop alternative standards for the intermediate pressure-to-vacuum range. This work package covers the study of different methods, devices and technologies with the goal of developing new primary standards for the intermediate pressure range, to establish a mercury-free pressure metrology scale in the pressure ranges traditionally covered by mercury manometers and develop or improve pressure measuring instruments that allow more accurate and efficient traceable pressure measurements in industrial processes.

The results of this WP are essential for two objectives of the project, 1) development and characterisation of primary  and  transfer  pressure standards for consistent  dissemination  of  the  pressure scale in  the intermediate range between high pressure and vacuum area and 2) the replacement of primary mercury manometers with alternative pressure standards to comply with the EU strategy on the restrictions of mercury use in measuring devices.

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Contact: Nieves Medina Martín (mnmedina@cem.minetur.es)



Task 4.1: Alternative systems for pressure measurements using optical methods