WP3 – Calibration techniques

Development of calibration techniques in the intermediate pressure-to-vacuum range

Over the past decade, the number of calibrations in the intermediate pressure-to-vacuum range has been increasing whilst at the same time their uncertainties have been reduced. As a result, NMIs and secondary laboratories have had to develop new methods for meeting this increasing demand. The last comparisons in the intermediate pressure-to-vacuum range [3.1 – 3.4] highlighted the challenge of comparing and thereby calibrating instruments. Moreover, there are few CMCs in this widely used pressure range, especially the negative pressure range.

The aim of this work package is to develop and validate calibration and measurement techniques and instruments for the calibration of pressure measuring devices for absolute and gauge pressure, including negative gauge pressure, in the range -100 kPa to +15 kPa with an accuracy better than 3·10-5´|p| + 0.1 Pa in primary laboratories and 3·10-5´|p| + 1 Pa in secondary ones. Different techniques will be considered for the different modes of operation of the instruments: absolute, gauge and negative gauge pressure.

Contact: Frédéric Boineau (frederic.boineau@lne.fr)