Purpose and aim

The overall purpose of the Project is to ensure and improve traceability in pressure in the low pressure range up tp 15 kPa gauge and absolute. This will be achieved in several ways in this project including construction of a new primary standard, theoretical modelling of existing standards to improve their capabilities as well as new methods and guidelines.

The specific objectives of the project are:

To develop and  characterise  primary  and transfer  pressure  standards  –  for realisation and dissemination  of  the  pressure scale in  the intermediate range  1 Pa  to  104 Pa.

To develop calibration methods for positive and negative gauge pressure standards in the range from approximately -105 to 104 Pa – in order to reduce the uncertainty of the pressure calibration down to 3×10-5 p + 1 Pa.

To meet the EU restrictions of mercury use in measuring devices (barometers) – replacement of primary mercury manometers with alternative pressure standards.

To establish a calibration service in the range of approximately -105 to 104 Pa of gauge pressure and approximately 1 Pa to 104 Pa of absolute pressure – with an accuracy level sufficient for accredited calibrating laboratories and industrial companies.

To engage with industries that utilise pressure in the intermediate range 1 Pa to 104 Pa – facilitating the uptake of the technology and the measurement infrastructure developed by the project.

The Project is split in several work packages each covering different areas, being described under the WORK PACKAGES page.