The overall objective of this project is to enable the SI traceable measurement of absolute, positive and negative gauge pressure in the intermediate range from approximately 1 Pa to 104 Pa. This will be done for relevant industries such as power plants, cleanroom technologies, petrochemical and pharmaceutical production, storage of nuclear and toxic wastes, in order to support innovation and efficiency in industrial production and processes. Reliable, accurate, traceable pressure measurements are needed for such industries as they are subject to strict international requirements with respect to safety, precision, sterility and performance. Therefore, to ensure traceability of measurements with sufficient accuracy for the demands of industry, high-accuracy primary standards for disseminating the pressure scale in the intermediate range need to be developed.

Low absolute, differential, positive and negative gauge pressure measurements all play a vital role in numerous industrial processes that demand high accuracy of positive and negative gauge pressure measurements at all stages of the traceability chain. Conventional calibration procedures (applied to instruments for low differential pressures) are also extremely dependent on weather conditions, especially the stability of atmospheric pressure; and often the target uncertainty level cannot be achieved. Therefore this project will develop, alternative calibration approaches and techniques to ensure a constant low level of uncertainty, independent of ambient conditions. Moreover, the project will establish a high-accuracy calibration service.

The EU mercury strategy includes a comprehensive plan addressing mercury pollution both in the EU and globally.  In addition, an  amendment by  the  Commission  Regulation  restricts  the  use  of mercury in barometers and sphygmomanometers for industrial and professional use from 10 April 2014. This project will support the replacement of primary mercury manometers which are still in use in many research institutions and reference laboratories.